Saturday, March 26, 2016

Room concepts? Puck! Weekly Update! 3/26/16

Hey, Orbs! Cobalt reporting in, with some [insert synonym for exciting] updates for you all! I'm going to be filling in for The Keystone's Weekly Update series this week, considering he is at a youth retreat and has some upcoming family events. That okay with you?

Fantastic! Anyway, he didn't add me to the Meet the Team page before he left, but I help out with coding, sprite work, and the story. You'll get to know more about me later, and if you follow the PHB, you already do!

The Orb Legend Crew has worked hard this week, from room concepts, the title screen, writing up scenes, sketches, artwork, dialogue, story consistency editing and, of course, soundtracks.

So, that makes this Weekly Update fantastic, right? No, it doesn't. Yes, we did a lot this week - but it's too spoilery! So, for your future enjoyment, I had to make a sacrifice. I'll show you two pictures that may or may not have a major significance in the future.

Good ol' Uncle Puck's character page! Meridian and he have a very loving bond.

My second favorite thing we worked on this week was the BHP Lobby! We worked with a lot of people on this, and we hid a few things in there, mostly that contain things to the characters included likings, but really only things you'll only understand... in good time.

A lot of time went into this, and although it's just a rough sketch, trust us - you're going to appreciate things like these more and more when you notice all the references and secrets they hold!

Hope you heroes enjoyed this little glimpse we had to offer this week and trust us, there is a lot more to them; and a lot more we did. Sorry we had to hide a lot of it, though.

The itinerary next week isn't completely up to me, but I think it'll be about time we show you the final title screen, inventory concepts, and some more rooms!

Not sure when you all will hear from me next, but until then, this is Cobalt signing off!

-Cobalt Spinner

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