Orb Legend is a role-playing game (RPG) created by a group of artists and creatives, centered around the adventures of Meridian Sinker, Quatia, Anguila, and the entire BHP team through 7 books jam-packed with puzzles, stories, side quests, amazing soundtracks, and lovable characters.


Orb Legend is being built with LWJGL - a Java game library. Even though we're using Poptropica's copyrighted universe in the game, our work falls under fair use as we don't collect profit from the game.

(Yes, this game is centered in a Poptropica universe - with a few differences. Think Club Penguin mixed with Undertale - or Wizard 101 with Lord of the Rings)

What can I expect from the game?

This game has many inspirations. Undertale's story, Earthbound's soundtrack, Stardew Valley's art style, and CrossCode's gameplay. Expect an epic adventure! Expect fantastic art! And expect gameplay that you won't want to stop playing.

When can I play?
The game is in early development currently—but expect the first chapter sometime this year. Of course, it will be released in parts, which we call chapters. The chapters will be released one at a time—and there are about 4 chapters each book. There are 7 books, meaning this could be a project that lasts years.

What will it cost?
Because of Poptropica’s copyright, we can’t sell the game for profit. It will be absolutely free!

I want more info!
On this blog, we'll be posting sneak peeks from development. Be sure to follow us to know the latest info!


The Orb Legend Team

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  1. Are you making the game with Game Maker Studio Free or Professional?