Meet the Team

Andrew (TheKeystone) Twitter / YouTube / DeviantArt

Story development, 
My name is Andrew Wiles - I'm a self-taught graphic artist and avid storyteller. This adventure has been my brain child since I was a small child, and throughout the years, I've rewritten it to appeal to an older audience. With the help of my current friends, I've tied the story together to create an incredible arc that will enthrall and entertain.

Kat (Taitoki) Twitter / YouTube / Sound Cloud

i'm kat, not a lot about me, i make music though. so that's cool

Paul (Ultimate iPad Expert) Twitter / YouTube / DeviantArt

Graphic artist, story development
Hello, my name is Paul, known on the interwebs as Ultimate iPad Expert or the Meme King. I am a fervent supporter of dankocity and am an animation junkie. I'm also an aspiring filmmaker, and I hope to maybe go into that field someday. I help with creating graphics (such as logos) and with the story development of Orb Legend. I'm super excited to see the final product!


Lead story development, voice acting
Greetings! My name is Joshua, and I am a budding writer, blooming voice actor, and all-around voice over enthusiast. I work alongside Andrew, serving as one of the main sources of Orb Legend's story. Moreover, I will be contributing my voice to many characters throughout the course of the game, including Gryffin Hawke, Meriwether, Wicky, Flimsy Evidence, Captain Jack Ketch, Mr. Piggles, and other spoiler characters whom I shall not name yet.

Feng (SmileyFaceOrg) Twitter / DeviantArt

Promotional work, ingame cutscenes

Amelia (Lapinuu) Twitter / TumblrDeviantArt

Sprites, storyboard


Game engine
Hey everyone! I'm Santorno, a software developer who will be contributing to the programming aspect of Orb Legend. Besides programming, I'm interested in basketball, weight lifting, and art (even though I suck at it). Back when I was about ten years old, I was always interested in the behind-the-scenes processes of computers and how they functioned. That interest is what set up the foundation for my career goal of becoming a software engineer. To this day, I still love the field and I am still focusing on going down that path.


Character design, character sprites
Hi! I’m criaha, or as some call me, lion! As you can tell, I'm one of the sprite artists for OL. I’m 15 years old and I am a lesbian! I'm an aspiring artist who cares too much about school. My interest are all over the place! To list a few: Greek mythology, snakes, carnivorous plants, cartoons, and of course, Poptropica! You can find me on Tumblr, DA, and discord, all under the name criaha! I also run the blogs blackwidowpoptropica and ringmasteraven. I’m always willing to talk, and I wont bite!

CraftyPoptropiqueen (Lovely) Tumblr

Sprite artist
Hello there! I'm Crafty, a young artist with big dreams. I am also a sprite artist for Orb Legend. I do art, so that's great. I am also the one who does the textures, tiling, and etc. I mainly hang out on Discord and Tumblr, so if you wanna see me or my art just look up 'CraftyPoptropiqueen' and I should be there.

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