Saturday, April 23, 2016

Weekly Update 4/22/16 - Take a look at these scenes!

Wihi Orbs, Cobalt back with another Weekly Update for ya!

We have some cash updates today yo! 

Alright, alright - I know we said the character pages and meet the team pages would be updated this week, and we had to hold off on that. Why? We have new format ideas for them, so it'll be a bit before they change.

I know pronounce you bed and wife!

This is your first ever glimpse into the upcoming demo version of Dimensional Warp, enjoy I guess?

A new sprite artist gives you a glimpse of a character frozen - oh wait, that's just the statue. Yeah, the character is actually frozen in time. Though, he's slightly more blue than bronze. ;)


Who is this warrior? Find out when we update the character pages!

Whoa, a burst of speculate worthy stuff! A lighthouse, and Uncle Mulford's breakfast place thing! What can this all mean? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Okay, these are all the snippets I'm showing you this week. Peace peace.


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Textures, Scenery, and screen...ery! - Weekly Update 4/16/16

Hey Orbs, Cobalt here!

I'm genuinely sorry we didn't have a Weekly Update last week. Honestly, it's a bit hypocritical of me to complain about the Daily Pops on Poptropica not being daily when I did this. I apologize if you were frantically refreshing from the moment you woke from the moment you wept at midnight, but hopefully, this week's work we put in makes up for it! Just check out this amazing piece!

I... I have no explanation for this.

We worked on character pages, character dev, story, scenery, and we even have a new team member, and you'll be seeing her on the Meet the Team Page soon!

She's a sprite artist and an incredible one at that. We also have more possible members in mind, let's get this baby out by her due date, eh?

((Funny enough, the reason this is coming out so late today is because I spent most of it watching my aunt in labor.

But without further ado, let's get on with it heroes!

Say Uncle!

I see the light!

Not done yet, but I swear, you'll see it on the big screen!

Testing testing, 1, 2, weed!

Also, here's what you've been waiting for since two weeks ago... the amazing inventory concepts!

Of cooouuurrrseee the last one is a joke, haha...

I'll see you all next week, make sure to check the Character Page and Meet the Team page, it'll be updated during the week!

Peace peace.


Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ancient places and Characters for your faces! Weekly Update 4/2/16

Hey Orbs, Cobalt here reporting in for another Weekly Update! I'm stoked the crew worked on more non-spoilerous content this week, you're in for a treat!

((Also, yes I am back this week! The Keystone liked my previous work, so he said he may ask me to do more! Regardless, I like making updates for you heroes, so let's get on with it! (Thank you Small Fire for the meme!)

Rooms and Maps

Wait a second, is it the year of the dragon or the fish?

Your mind can ponder many places while looking at this, but to give you a hint, try to keep it close to home. 

Dat Asgard!

Despite Orb Legend being in it's own universe with it's own history and mythology, some mythology and history like Greek and Norse may slide it's way in as well!


Trust me, you can inspect and analyze these all you want, but all you'll get is some flimsy evidence.

From doodle to doodle! Wait, Cobalt? Isn't the one to the right a sprite? Yeah it is, why? Speaking of doodles, check out these freaks we've been working on all week!

Almost everyone from the team has one or more of their characters in there, including me! It was fun and great collaborative work! We blurred some of them out for being too spoilerous. Is spoilerous even a word? I've used it like three times this post. Eh, it is now.

Also folks, of course we're working on even more things behind the scenes. Trust us, if you're working with us, there's one thing we can all agree on - sleep is for the weak. 

Until next time, this is Cobalt signing off!