Monday, May 9, 2016

Amending Menus | Sneak Peeks

Greetings Orbs! This is co-head writer and voice actor Joshua Hawk here with a important update.

As Andrew touched upon in his most recent Weekly Update, we here on the development team have been working hard to create a demo of the game for you all. So it is with overwhelming enthusiasm that I present to you all the first sneak peek for the aforementioned demo!

Before I continue, I must take some time to thank the people who worked to bring this sneak peek to you. Special thanks to Andrew Wiles for his leadership regarding the project and for providing his voice for the narration of the video, to Santorno for his programming and recording of the visuals, and to Taitoki for the music. And while thanking myself would be rather conceited and frankly redundant, I will (in the third person) credit Joshua for provided his voice to the hog we have dubbed Mr. Piggles.

Anywho, in this sneak peak we show off the start menu for the game. And while it is not completely finished yet, it is largely finalized. We hope to have the completed product look and feel very similar to this sneak peek in both design and functionality.

There you have it! The first sneak peek for Orb Legend's up and coming demo! This is most certainly a big step forward in terms of productivity, so I want to know - do you like what you see here? Does this help get you excited for the demo? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time...

-- Joshua Hawk

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